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About Mehdi Yacoubi

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About Mehdi Yacoubi

Hi there, I'm Mehdi Yacoubi.


I'm an engineer and entrepreneur from Paris, passionate about optimizing health, longevity and well being and I'm currently building Lifetizr, a solution to help people optimize their metabolic health, prevent chronic diseases, and live healthier and longer (sign up for early access to the private beta!). 

I'm interested in many different topics including entrepreneurship, health, fitness, productivity, philosophy, arts, and personal development. My life philosophy is to always learn something new and extend my horizon to live a fulfilled life.

I created this website to document my journey of learning, questioning, thinking, self-experimentation, discoveries, and understandings. I find that writing about an idea helps me really think it through. I try to always go in-depth to understand the questions I am interested in. I uncover the scientific research and try to explain it and apply it in real life so we can all get value from it.

I also like to learn from the best performers, authors, entrepreneurs, athletes in the world, to understand how they got where they are today, and if there is something we could learn from them.

A few years ago I came across the quote "The way you do anything is the way you do everything". It had a powerful impact on me. I realized that most of the content I was consuming was great but that my attitude towards it was passive, making me less active than I would like to be in life. That's what pushed me to look at the way I live in a completely different way. By committing myself to write about the things I care about, I try to find the right balance between the input of the content I consume and the output I create.

I believe that the key to a fulfilled life is to develop self-knowledge and to keep learning and questioning my beliefs. I don't claim to have more answers than anyone, but I think sharing experiences and thoughts through writing is a powerful way to make our lives better and improve our thinking.

I view this blog as a medium for meeting interesting people so, if there is anything here you find interesting, DM me.


I send an email newsletter each week with 10+ articles, videos, pieces of research, podcast episodes, or other interesting things I find from around the internet. 

I cover a broad range of topics, always including health, wellness, and tech.

If you want to read a few samples, you can do so here!

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