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This page links some of my favorite books, articles, blogs, and podcast episodes. 


I'm a huge fan of newsletters. In addition to reading books, newsletters are a great way to stay informed on the subjects that matter.

It took me some time to find newsletters that I love, so I figured I'd add my list here.


I spend a lot of time listening to podcast episodes. It's a great medium to understand the thinking of the guests and learn something new while doing something else.

Here's a list of the shows I find interesting:


I love trying new products. Here are the products I love and currently use:

  • Roam Research — The best note-taking app for networked thoughts.

  • Notion — The second best note-taking app, great templates, and great for building team wikis.

  • Readwise — A tool that I love for spaced-repetition.

  • Pocket — I use Pocket to save articles I find on the internet. 

  • Todoist — My Todo App.

  • Dashlane — The password management app I use.

  • Breaker — A great app to listen to your podcasts. I like the social feature and the possibility to create lists. 

  • Brave — A web browser without any ads.

  • OneTab — Make your laptop faster by saving all your open tabs in OneTab!

  • Motion — A productivity and time tracking extension.

  • Endel — The best app to work with great soundtracks. 

  • Kindle — I quit reading paperback books because it's much more convenient to have everything in one place.

  • Audible — Sometimes, I like to listen to books. I use Audible.

  • Feedly — A news aggregator.

  • AutoSleep — I love this sleep tracking app. Beautiful design and all the information I need.

  • Medito — A free meditation app. I especially like the walking meditation lesson.

  • Freestyle Libre 2 — I track my blood glucose levels for optimal health and longevity. I use the Freestyle Libre 2.

  • Zero Fasting — The best and most beautiful fasting app. I like to track my fasting with Zero.

  • Inside Tracker — The best tool to get actionable insights on the blood tests I do.

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